Introducing Susan Gallagher your business growth expert


Sue loves to work with people who have the drive and commitment to achieve phenomenal growth in their businesses and finds that her best results are achieved with business owners that see the importance of developing the leadership and management skills of both themselves and their teams. She is able to quickly get to an understanding of any business situation and get to the core of the problem thus enabling her clients to push through their barriers to growth.


 Here are 6 reasons you should consider having Sue as your coach:


1.  Sue‘s main focus is on her clients achieving great results for themselves, their businesses, and their people.

2.  Having Sue as your coach means you get to draw on her 30 years + of business experience during which she has owned or run 13 highly successful businesses and she has a phenomenal background in customer service, organisational thinking and leadership.

3.  For you to achieve great results in your business, Sue will help you get your team fully aligned with your company vision and culture thus speeding up the execution of your plans

4.  Sue‘s coaching methology is to customise her approach to suit each individual client, as a single approach rarely identifies the underlying beliefs and issues that create the behaviours that cause issues in the workplace.

5.  Sue believes that her business coaching business is a vehicle for helping the business owners to run better businesses and, whilst having their own needs met, they are able create sustainable jobs for the community.

6.  Sue will challenge and inspire you to be your very best.


Sue‘s family is of extreme importance to her & she loves spending time with them; in particular, with her beautiful granddaughter Ellie. She is also a very keen swimmer and a very accomplished cook/chef.


If you are truly committed to taking on board great business advice and taking your business to its true potential, contact Sue to find out how she will help you look at your business from a different perspective to achieve the results that you deserve.

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