Why would you want me as your coach?     






















Having me as your coach means you can draw on my 30+ years of business experience 11 successful business under my belt 7 of which employed 80 team members with 7 figure turnovers… which means that, I have over the years overcome every challenge and mistake possible and achieved exceptional success.  I’ve learnt from those experiences, so you will benefit from my experience, you don’t have to suffer those mistakes or struggle with those challenges as we work together to make your business an exceptional success too.


I have an extensive background in outstanding customer service, organisational thinking and leadership… which means that together we can ensure you and your team can develop the skills and qualities that will have your customers coming back time and time again.


I believe that none of us is as smart as all of us… which means I will help you align your team with your company vision, bringing out the best in each team member, helping them to grow and develop alongside you and your business.


I will treat you as the individual you are… which means (unlike many other coaches) I won’t try and shoe horn you into a ‘system.’  Together we will identify what it is that you want to achieve and we will then enjoy the journey to fulfilling your dreams and goals, both in business and in life.


I will challenge and inspire you while holding you accountable… which means you will be the best version of you possible, living an incredible life of no regrets.


Why do my clients work with me?  Here’s what some of them have to say…


  • ‘I have worked with Susan from MPC for the past 7 years and can honestly say I don’t know how I managed previously, particularly regarding my cashflows! Even when we went through some tough times, Susan was always there supporting us, both professionally and personally.’  Diane


  • ‘Of all the business coaches I have met over the years they (MPC) go above and beyond what I’d expected and I would recommend them with a second thought. You can sit for hours looking at your business, where to improve, change and develop. What I have found with Sue is that the endless hours and hours of thought are condensed and more focus on what is needed to be done from time management to marketing, sales and just in support of you as an individual, not just the business.’ Marc


  • ‘MPC are invaluable as the conscience for elucidate Group.  As a small team there are tasks which nobody particularly likes doing.  Committing to doing these tasks in an agreed timeframe and knowing we need to front up to the next meeting with MPC having the tasks completed, or a very good reason why they aren’t, is a component part in our growth.  They take us out of our comfort zone when needed.  A Sports coach is there to push, encourage and help you improve.  A Business Coach is no different and no less important if you want your business to be the best it can be’ Mark Bowden Managing Director of elucidate Group


  • Susan has been helping our business for 3 years now.  Running a business is hard work, and as we’ve grown, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to ‘see the wood from the trees’.   I’ve found it invaluable to meet Susan fortnightly; I put ideas and problems to her, and Susan suggests possible ways forward, based on her own experiences in business, and those of the many other clients she has helped down the years.  Susan has become a key element in pushing our business forward and I would recommend her to anyone. Chris Johnson Managing Director, October Resolutions Ltd


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