Why we do what we do


Let's start by asking a question "What training have you had to run a business?" If you are anything like us in our early years of business ownership, the answer could well be little, if not none at all. Committing this cardinal error cost us a fortune.


To explain, a little further. When Kevin left the Royal Navy in the early 80's as an electronic engineer specialising in weapons, radar and communications systems, he was under the illusion that he would just waltz into a new job. Well the realisation and his naivety in that assumption was a bit of a wakeup call and, after months of waiting for the phone to ring, he decided he needed to look at alternative careers.


His Dad was a very successful publican and you would often hear Kevin joke that alcohol was in his blood, so he decided to follow in his Dad's footsteps we acquired a very run down bar in Manchester town centre. It was definitely hard work, but we found that we had 'The Knack' for turning it around and we were soon looking for project number 2. Within a few years, we had moved into the restaurant sector having run 6 highly profitable businesses. Yes business was hard work, but we had the midas touch, we were rock stars at growing businesses, or so we thought…


One morning Kevin was brought down to earth with a bump. He discovered our head chef had branched off into a really enterprising venture at the local market... selling our stock! What annoyed us most about this episode was that we had no idea it was happening. Like any good business owner, we had monthly management accounts in place, and they always showed growing sales and profits, so what was it we were missing? We had the sudden realisation that we weren't business rock stars after all; we were achieving great results due to hard work, passion and a great deal of LUCK. It certainly wasn't down to our business knowledge.


So we set out on a mission to find out just how does a business really work. The more we learnt, the more we realised just how little we really knew (you don't know what you don't know). From that day on, we have been forever the students, we have travelled the world in search of the answers and what we have learnt has allowed us to grow really quickly, very profitable businesses without a lot of the drama and stress we often encountered in our early business ventures.


Then, we had a second real wakeup call that would change the direction of our lives forever.


One Monday morning our daughter, Sharon, was getting ready for her first day at secondary school, nothing too remarkable about that. What was remarkable was that this was to be her first day at school as a teacher and not as a pupil. We had the sudden realisation that we had missed our 'little girl' growing up. We were working 80-90 hours per week, because we were working from the belief, "business is supposed to be hard work, isn’t it?"


That incident led to us deciding that a change of direction was needed. We really enjoyed business, however, the career path we had taken was not in line with our true values, so we sat down and did a little soul searching, which led to us looking at our strengths. Certainly growing businesses was one of them, but we realised that the biggest buzz we got was from helping the people that worked for us grow. Numerous members of our teams had started out as pot washers, bar staff, waiting staff and had, under our guidance, training and coaching, worked their way up to become successful business owners in their own right.


And so Momentum Performance Coaching was born with the purpose of helping small to medium sized business owners achieve big business success by helping them grow their profits, transform their business and therefore change their lives.


How do we do it?


We help our clients achieve their dreams, through our 1-1 Coaching Programs, Events and Business Success Workshops. We work primarily with small to medium sized businesses, but have also been fortunate enough to work inside worldwide and FT100 index companies. From bookkeepers to chartered accountants, coffee shops to major restaurant chains our client base is rich and varied.

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